Photography helps in internet retail buying

Many of us surf the Internet Rivers of goods while stuffing our never ending growing wish lists, but few us have stopped to speak about the importance imagery have had in the final transactions of some of those goodies nurturing our virtual shopping carts. The visual representations of products, services and even experiences, have been important in our commercial culture. All these visual representations, from direct images to concept images and even illustrations; are crucial for us as buyers in the difficult task of deciding which good deserves to be paid rather than other one. Such visual representations have been boost by all the possibilities photography has to offer as well.

Photography has been linked to represent reality, and even when several images have been proved to being enhanced to achieve certain goals, many people still trust their way of showing a version of reality. Direct images work more efficiently in the act of us to decide if an article is worth of buying or not when browsing through the web; instead of all the elaborate imagery such as the ones we could find at billboards and advertisements.


Images work as Evidence of Trust

Images speak right and true about the product us as customers are thinking to purchase. All these photographs help people deciding if they are making a correct decision, and it is pretty risky to buy something on the web that has no visual assets to accompany the buying experience.


Images help us deciding among the Vast Offer

Internet offers a fantastic world full of options for both buyers and sellers. We as buyers are easily attracted by the visuals and these help us deciding among the vas offer we will find.


The Sellers angle

Internet has empowered us as human beings to be not just happy customers, but also happy sellers. Many shopping platforms work as virtual markets like the traditional trading markets of the past, were regular people gathered to trade good for money or other value. Sellers need to understand the huge power photography produces in the way we shop if they want to get successful sales since such portals have become highly competitive with extremely great rates to cope with.



We as domestic buyers tend to see the seller’s “front end” differently from a store’s display, but still there are some quality standards that we as buyers expect. Some of these are:

  • Decent photographs
  • A handful of images
  • Sincere images showing usage marks

Safe as Consumers?

Of course it is safe, we just need to be precocious and meticulous when deciding for a product or service, and remember not to rush for the first offer you see. Also you should read all the disclaimers as well, and browse all the photographs available at the selling page.

Always check for the following when buying online:

  • Valid Security Certificates
  • Ratings
  • Comments
  • Photographs

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