THE HUGE GIFT BEHIND BEING AN IMPORTANT GUEST: Enjoying the wedding instead of going crazy with your smartphones.

Lovely Bridal Party Flower Pedal Toss at Sydney Observatory Hills at Millers Point

What a marvellous and beautiful moment weddings are, they are full of emotions and joy, and capturing memorable instants is a must. That is the main reason why all weddings need Professional Wedding Photography Services delivered that day. We are living in rushy times, and recording everything is becoming less and less unusual as times go by. We believe that being a guest at a wedding is a huge thing, and it shouldn’t be taken from granted. Therefore we think that guests should enjoy more and worry less; after all, that’s the reason why we passionate wedding photographers are there for.

The intention behind this post is not to make people stop taking images that are going to be uploaded on Social Media right away, it is to make a change in the overall consciousness about what means to be a guest at such beautiful moment.

Why are you a guest?

At some point, behind that frantic and stressful moments of crafting the guests’ list, your name appeared in the mind of both bride and groom. You are important to them, and you should enjoy with them at this (hopefully) one in a lifetime moment for them.

We as Wedding Photographers love what we do, if you are a Wedding Photographer and you are just pursuing some business sustainability and you are not putting some heart into your craft, you should reroute your efforts into another discipline. We love weddings pretty hard, and we get a very odd feeling when we see guests plunged into their phones applying filters and waiting for likes to pop out instead of enjoying the miraculous moment that is blooming in front of them.

It is ok to express your feelings with social media

There is nothing wrong with posting a couple of images of the wedding of your loved ones on your favourite social media platform. The world is reigned by the immediacy of content, and there is nothing wrong with that, but in almost every case in life, less is more. You can take some images for you, a fewer of those will be unloadable, and by doing so you’ll actually going to enjoy the moments that are happening in real life, and are irreplaceable. The best advice we can give to you, and this one comes from the bottom of our hearts, you should enjoy more in real time, by watching with the great image quality of eye-resolution, instead of watching almost everything through your phone’s LCD.

Time is a valuable thing

People waste precious time while posting everything to their social media channels, therefore real life moments, the prime base of precious memories, and get less attention on your mind.

Bride and Groom trust that their Wedding Photographers are going to deliver passionate images of their wedding, and they hope that all their guests have a wonderful time with them.



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