Weddings are getting more massive with time, and finding innovative forms to make them different and enjoyable not just for the bride and groom but he guests as well, is a humongous task. One tool that will make your wedding fun and interesting for all the guests around, from the youngest to the oldest, is to invest in a Photo booth service. Photo Booths are a great way to have a sideshow on almost any kind of event. They are not big and loud, and also they are not expensive, but they are super fun to have and also to be a part of.

Little history about Photo Booths

The modern concept of a Photo Booth originated with Anatol Josephewitz in 1925. For 25 cents got 8 instantaneous images in just ten minutes. A complete revolution for that time. The usage of these booths were vaguely for fun and more official purposes. Nowadays Photo Booths have migrated from the weddings, streets, fairs and shopping centers, to social events. Photo Booths are mounted quickly with display walls, a camera, and an instant printer

Client’s voice

Many of our clients that are interested in photo booths have diverse expectation towards them. Such people in most cases have had previous experiences with photo booths as participants, and is important to hear what they would like to have in their services included.

The most important thing to have with your Photo Booth service, is the print service of the images in an immediate way. Such prints doesn’t have to include high quality photo printing, but something decent.


These are some things people look for when hiring a booth service:

– New and Clean Props: Everybody will inevitably feel uneasy if they have to use damaged props, and even worse, if they have to use dirty and smelly stuff. It simply won’t work.
– Innovation: Cool and innovative props, is always a pleasant thing to do, your client will have a lot of people at their events, and some may be very proud about their passions and professions; therefore diverse and innovative props is something all clients look for.
– Quantity: It’s important that the service includes a decent amount of stuff because it’s just not cool to leave somebody behind in a large group photo thanks to the lack of props. This is even more important if you have hired a themed prop list, like professions or super heroes for example.

They Help to Gather People Around

Events, especially weddings, are full of many people, and these little temporal spaces have the great intangible asset of getting people together for a short period of time. Photo booths deliver this experience and also give a friendly souvenir as well. They go in line with the most important line of societies, because they help getting people close.

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