Your Baby’s First Photo Session

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First of all, we are truly happy for you and your new adventure as parents. Having professional photographs of your beautiful newborn child is something extremely important to every new parent, and even though photographers know how to take care of the situation during the session, it is important as a parent to know a these few things to achieve a truly brilliant results.

Have a clear idea of what you want

Before asking photographers for some quotes, you need to have a clear idea of what you want for your child’s photographs. There are endless reference sources thanks to Instagram and Pinterest. Also the photographers that have specialized in newborn photography have some pretty good portfolios that will help you out in the process of finding some references. By having a clear idea of what you want you’ll help the photographer a lot, and the risk of having pictures that doesn’t meet your expectations is going to be very low.

Many photographers have had some pretty awful experiences because their images doesn’t comply with that parents were expecting. Getting involved in the creative process is a fun way of actually understanding what happens when photographs are made. Due to that amazingly endless stream of images we can access to, it is pretty easy to get lost in a vast sea of ideas. Therefore you’ll need to narrow down your ideas; this will be awesome for both you and the photographer.

Newborns won’t cooperate with the photographer

Being a photographer requires patience, therefore you’ll always find photographers filled with loads of patience. Parents, on the other hand, tend to be pretty inpatient, and is normal when they see their newborn behaving awfully in front of the photographer because they think images are just not going to happen.

Newborn photo sessions are well planned, and the reason why is because the beginning is usually a pretty hefty one. The first 20 mins has a purpose, and is to make babies comfort. Some parents tend to think that newborns are always asleep, but this isn’t quite accurate. Sometimes they do fall asleep, but after moving them they become curious and even nervous for being outside its comfort zone. Don’t expect to have a rushed photo session because that is just not going to happen. Always schedule your session in a moment in which you’ll have plenty of time.

Be prepared to cooperate and help

You’ll be asked to help a lot, not with the technical stuff but with handling the baby. Photographers know that newborns need to have their parents close to them and is highly likely that you’ll get asked to stand close to the baby, or at least in sight. Handling a baby requires firm hands with a caring feel, therefore the parents’ hands are the best suited for the maneuvering task. It doesn’t matter what type of personality we as photographers may have, when working with newborns, we are a strangers to them, and they will easily be scared because of us if you (parents) aren’t close to them.

Don’t wait until the birth

Some parents start looking for photographers just after their child has born. This isn’t something that we as photographers recommend doing because it enhances rushiness, and rushed things are always highly exposed to failure.

Allowing a photographer to connect more with the parents enhances the relationship, making it something more beautiful than just a flat business encounter. Newborn photography usually takes place between the first two weeks of life. Being able to know the parents for a couple of months prior the birth has been one of the major assets for achieving compelling and beautiful photographs. Allow yourselves to get your photographer to establish a kind of friendship with you, and you won’t regret it at all.

The great trick for parents to get photographs of their child just the way they picture them in their heads is by planning and knowing exactly what they want. Remember to always look for references, pick a few and make them your favorite ones. Photographs that are done based in a previous solid relationship are way better than those that are done without taking the time of building a real connection between the photographer and the whole family.

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