What is Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography?

Pre-wedding engagement photo shoots are a session that you book with a photographer a few months prior to your wedding day.  Many of our couples book a shoot with us to get comfortable in front of the camera, and they will often use their images to add an extra personal touch to their wedding. Here are few reasons why we think booking a pre-wedding shoot with your wedding photographer is essential.

1. Eliminate camera shy

Some people found themselves camera very shy in front of the camera lens with countless people in the wedding and without any idea of what they were supposed to do.  Booking a pre-wedding photo shoot with a photographer prior to the wedding can build a rapport with the wedding photographer, also give you an opportunity to get to know each other, get a feel for what you expect on the wedding day which also can make a couple comfortable in front of the camera.  You’ll gain an understanding of how your photographer will direct you on your wedding day to get the best images.

2. Get a hair and make-up trial

A pre-wedding shoot is a great way to “try out” your hair stylist and make-up artist before your wedding day.  You’ll get to see how you’ll look in professional photos, and advise your style team if you want any adjustments.

3. Use your photos in a reception slideshow presentation

For something truly special, you can feature photos from your pre-wedding shoot at the wedding day itself and / at the reception. Set aside 5-10 minutes in the evening, pick some beautiful music to go with it, and present your love story to your guests.

4. Get some beautiful images for your home

Of course you’ll display some of your favourite wedding images on your wall. How about mixing it up with a few fun and colourful prints or canvases from your pre-wedding shoot? Many couples will display one or more of their favourite images on a canvas at the entrance to the reception, and then take it hope to hang up at home.

5. Get more photos in different locations to your wedding

On your wedding day it’s always a good idea to choose a location that’s somewhere between the wedding and reception venue, to maximise time for your location photos. Sometimes you may also be limited to location choices because of what you’ll be wearing (for example, you may not want to wear your wedding dress down to the beach).

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