The Importance of Working with a Passionate Wedding Photography Crew

When approaching Photography as a business, one of the most challenging and rewarding niches on the field is Wedding Photography. Many photographers wisely choose to specialize themselves in working just weddings (and related events like Engagement sessions and after-the-wedding sessions).

Weddings are the place where many efforts clash in order to create the perfect moment for a couple and their guests. This day is all about the bride, but we as photographers may not miss out the important things that both bride and groom will want to see over and over again. This includes both guests and moments, and due to human limitations, it is best to work with a full committed and passionate crew that above all, knows how to work together as an efficient team.

While specializing yourselves in wedding photography, you’ll find that there are several things that need to be covered before the wedding. Let’s talk about some of the basic stuff that needs to be considered prior a wedding:


The risk of failure at a wedding is pretty high; therefore anticipation is fundamental in order to achieve success. This premise applies both to the photographers, and clients; and the best way of succeeding at photography in a wedding, is by having a couple of meetings before the wedding (with plenty of time of course) in order to define the style of the expected images.

The best way of having organic and highly valuable meetings, is by working around references. References will give both parties better idea of the expectations around the final product to be delivered. Many details can be covered by planning things with anticipated meetings; from the ambience light, to the whole wedding’s schedule.

Important Moments

There are plenty of important moments that deserve to be captured by the careful eye of a fully details-aware photographer. Working with a team increases without any doubt the possibilities of capturing all the moments that happens simultaneously at a wedding.

The most obvious are those that happen at the wedding’s ceremony (the entrance, the rings, the kiss, the exit, bouquet tossing, etc.) The bride is the main subject at all of these happenings, but having a couple of members focusing in the reactions of the guests at those particular moments, will increase the your scope of beautiful captures in a dramatically way.

Getting to know the Family

Getting to know the family prior the event will help you to maintain a certain level of attention of them. A great way of getting to know the entire family is to ask your clients to spot them on pictures (social media, or family albums will work perfectly for doing this).

Believe me, it is really uncomfortable and shameful to have a sad bride asking you for pictures of her grandma, that you obviously didn’t took.

Different Perspectives

The advantage of having a team is that everybody has their own designated role, and that role has a limited scope of perspectives. Such perspectives are determined by the photographer’s gear and their eye when composing pictures. So, you’ll be able to deliver different perspectives to your clients.

Without further ado, the best way of doing and acquiring Wedding Photography Services, is by having a passionate and committed team of photographers (Fantasie Photography) covering a wedding. This team needs to that understand themselves like a brotherhood, and must respect at all times, the designated roles they have.

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